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I.T Support services to the SME
Apple Mac support available annually or ad-hoc
The biggest problems in using remote maintenance software are generally caused by firewalls, disabled ports and NAT routers for local IP addresses.

When you use TeamViewer, these problems no longer exist: TeamViewer finds your partner even through firewalls.
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We chose TeamViewer
for remote support
We believe that it is far better to avoid a potential issue with your I.T infrastructure rather than to find yourself in the disastrous position of running head long into something that could have been planned against.

Our ethos is to ensure, first and foremost, that all of the basic fundamentals are protected against potential threats and failures. Anti-virus software needs to be installed, configured and up do date, firewalls need to be fit for the purpose intended and configured correctly, your data backup process has to be implimented correctly, maintained and tested regularly and the UPS protecting your server from damaging power spikes, troughs and outages must be plugged in, configured for a controlled shut down and batteries maintaned.

Many of these most basic of operations are sadly missed regularly which accounts for most of the outages that occur. We offer a free review of your I.T infrastructure before any financial engagement. We'll interrogate your systems and network to ensure that we make as much provision for any technical issues as is possible. With the right contingencies in place even the most critical hardware failure can be overcome quickly and efficiently.

Enjoy efficient, on demand I.T support.
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