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I.T Support services to the SME
Apple Mac support available annually or ad-hoc
The biggest problems in using remote maintenance software are generally caused by firewalls, disabled ports and NAT routers for local IP addresses.

When you use TeamViewer, these problems no longer exist: TeamViewer finds your partner even through firewalls.
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We chose TeamViewer
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INS Support

We offer a comprehensive suite of I.T support services to small to medium enterprises in the London and Thames Valley area. Decades of experience in the I.T industry equips us well when faced with all of the new challenges associated with ever changing technology and its integration with the huge installed base of legacy equipment.

INS support is primarily a service based company that is designed to either support the efforts of your internal I.T team or to provide an end to end support service to companies that can't justify the costs and implications of having permanent I.T staff members on the books. The diversity of our client base is testament to our flexable practices and ability to work in any field.
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